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The Benefits Of Adding Review Extensions In Adwords

Unlike other AdWords extensions, reviews extension has some unique advantages if it gets approved for your campaign. The first and the obvious benefit of adding a review extension like any other extensions is that we can improve the Ad Rank. Apart from this, following are some of the benefits of review extension.

1) Increased Reliability For Customer

As the text and link of the review showing along with the ad lead to a positive review or a news article about your product or service, it will increase the reliability or trust to the customers.

Also, it shows the source from where the review is taken. For example, the website name or the newspaper’s name from where the review is done will be shown in the ad copy. Google will not approve this extension unless it is taken from a reliable or trustworthy source so that the search audience can always rely on products or services showing with a review extension .

2) Takes More Ad Space

If the AdWords review extension is shown with the ad, it takes more space in the top 3 ad slots, thereby increasing the chance of getting clicks from the customers. This eventually increases the Click Through Rate (CTR). It will be like an extra line of description in the text ad copy. Also, ads with this extension will be shown only in the top 3 positions on the search page. So adding this extension will increase the chance of showing the ads in top positions.

3) More Information In Limited Space

There is some great information on this found at Webgator SEO Brisbane. It is always a challenging situation for advertising firms or digital marketing agents to include maximum possible details in the text ad copy of limited characters. But, this extension allows the advertisers to show a bulk of information to the searchers indirectly. ie. If anyone clicks on the review source name shown with the ad, it will be landing on the website of origin with more details about the product advertised .