There are hundreds of options available to fine-tune a landing page. But following are some of the points that should not be avoided while designing a landing page.

1)      Focus On Competitive Advantages

On a landing page, the primary focus should be on what services you can provide more compared to your competitors. So the headline or key points should be the competitive advantages.

2)      Mobile Responsive

In our present scenario, a significant amount of traffic is received through mobile/tablet devices. As we know, this rate will continue to increase in coming days; a mobile responsive Landing Page is a very important factor to be considered.

3)      Not Too Many Links

Too many links on landing pages may reduce the bounce rate, but it will make the visitors deviate from posting an inquiry or from the main intention behind the landing page.

4)      An attractive call to action button

The call to action button should be large, attractive & positioned in the right place on the Landing Page. Ideally, it should be placed where it can be seen without sliding the page. Placing it on the right-hand side improves the user experience.

5)      Add testimonials / Customers List

To increase the credibility of the service you provide, it’s good to add customer testimonials, if available. Pacing the names of reputed customers is also an added advantage.

6)      Bullet Points

The text or contents in the landing page should be clutter free. So stating in bullet points will improve the readability.

7)      Catchy Colors

A dry Landing Page will not generate interest in the visitors. So a page with attractive backgrounds or appealing colors can improve the average visit duration in the landing page.