There are lots of changes being rolled out every month in the ads manager. So here are few of the latest changes that you might have missed out.

One of the best and recent changes in its functionality is that now while we are creating an ad, we can upload up to six images instead of one in the previous case.

Another change is that now many new broad targeting categories are introduced, like, we can target Android users, mobile phone users, film lovers, etc. So this feature enhancement adds all the advantages similar to targeting using ‘Affinity categories’ in Adwords

For ‘page like‘ ads, the maximum permissible size of the ad image has been increased to 600×225 PX

Coming to the updates of Facebook power editor, now it’s possible to save a target audience setting with a particular name. So that we can use the same targeting options for a new ad using a single click. Also the power editor now enables us to create unpublished page posts. Such posts will not be published in the Facebook page, but can be used for promotion purposes like news feed are, promoted page post ads etc.

So now the digital marketers has more easily manageable interface and more advanced targeting options in Facebook.